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5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

If your home could speak, would it beg you to give some attention to your windows? It’s one of the most overlooked features of your home. And, windows that are neglected or broken can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home. Old and compromised windows also can result in homeowners losing roughly 30 percent ( of their heating and cooling energy through air leaks around windows. That percentage increases with single-pane and outdated double-pane windows.

The good news is that there are signs you can look for that indicate a change is needed. The top 5 signs your windows need your immediate attention include:

1. They don’t open, close or lock – If you have stubborn windows that refuse to cooperate, there could be one of several reasons why. It may be as simple as debris build-up or damaged hardware. Or, it could be as complicated as warping due to moisture or settling of the foundation. If a window isn’t functioning properly, there’s a reason why. And, if you fail to investigate, your home could be losing energy and/or sustaining water damage.

2. They whistle, whine or vibrate – If it sounds as though a ghost resides in your home or if your drapes and blinds shimmy and shake, your windows aren’t doing their job. It could be an improper fit, the lack of caulking or simply a window that doesn’t have the proper insulated glass. But, the last you thing you want is the outside leaking in and the inside leaking out.

3. They look dirty or foggy – No, you don’t need to update your eyeglass prescription. Your windows may appear foggy or dirty from condensation. This is a sign that the insulated glass unit has failed and needs to be replaced.

4. They have rotting or cracking trim – If the wood molding around the window is rotting or appears warped or if you see peeling paint, this is a sign that water is leaking in. It could even be damaging your walls, floor and ceiling. Now, we are talking potentially serious damage and $. You’ll want to address this immediately to determine the issue and have your window expert make a recommendation. Don’t wait until mildew and mold show up to make the call.

5. They simply aren't attractive. Maybe there are no tell-tell signs, but your windows just detract from the home’s overall aesthetic. In simple terms, they look plain ole ugly. You’d be surprised how significantly new windows will freshen up the look of the entire home – on the inside and outside. New designs, specialty glass and shapes, and advanced materials can give your home the face lift it needs. Not to mention the energy-efficiency you desire.

So, if a change is needed, there’s no better time than the present to protect your most valuable asset. By replacing your current windows with high quality, high performance windows, you will begin saving on your energy bills immediately. You also will address any hidden issues and protect your home from potential water damage. And, finally, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful view once again. Contact us, if you’d like an expert to evaluate your home’s windows – (470) 294-0088 or

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